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On the morning of December 17, our Brother in Sao Teotonio, the Most Illustrious Mr. D. Alejandro Benavente Talaverón, has taken possession of his position as Canon of the Holy Cathedral Church of Santander.
From this page we want to wish you good luck in your new responsibility.

On the High Altar before the Gospels, swearing the post.

Already Canon with the Bishop of Santander, D. Manuel.


The Grand Prior’s Christmas Message 2017

Many, if not all of us, have (or know of someone who has) been touched, affected, or suffered in some way by world events, natural disasters, social upheaval, political folly and personal trials during this past year; indeed for some, 2017 has been a horrendous year fraught with many ups-and-downs. Read more


Project Man

H.E. Most. Rev. Bishop of Santander, Manuel Sánchez Monge have asked our RCST to suport the Project Man.
We are asking to our Members to generosily join us on this very importante Projec MAN.
As we had anticipated in the previous communication, we already have at our disposal the account number of Project Man that its Director Eloisa Velarde has sent us.
From now we can make our income into your account directly as always.

The account number of the Bank of Santander is:

ES 38 0049 6742 5829 1620 5991

Please put your name and Real Cofradía de Sao Teotonio (RCST), to know that we have made the income.

Thank you very much for your generosity.




On the morning of Friday, July 21, El Prior de España, Antonio Calvo Prior of Spain, and General Chaplain Reverend D. Prudencio Cabrero, and H.E. Most. Rev. Bishop of Santander, Manuel Sánchez Monge, held a meeting in his office. In it they were informed of the situation of Proyecto Hombre. Requesting our collaboration.
Proyecto Hombre will provide us with an account number and announce a virtual fundraising dinner.
On the part of the Priory of Spain was delivered to the Bishop of the first donation of the Royal Brotherhood of Sao Teotonio Spain




Presentation of the diploma of RCST Grand Cross of Justice to H.E. the Most Reverend D. Manuel Herrero Fernández, Bishop of Palencia in Spain.
On the morning of July 18th, at his Diocese office , the Prior of Spain and the General Chaplain, they handed him the diploma.



Ce mardi 25 avril, notre Frère le Chevalier David MORAN, anglais vivant en Bretagne, nous a quitté. Au nom du Prieuré Principal du Benelux de la RCST, je présente nos sincères condoléances à son épouse Marie. Toutes nos pensées vont vers elle. Je tiens à lui transmettre notre soutien et notre Amour. Que David puisse reposer en paix l'épée à la main et vêtu du manteau blanc.


Spanish Priory celebrates St. Teotonio day with a Holy Mass.

Last Friday, February 17, the day before of the Feast of Sao Teotonio, the Priory of Spain celebrated a Mass in his honor at the Parish of Our Lady of Consolation in Santander.
It was celebrated by the General Chaplain of Spain Reverend D. Prudencio Cabrero and predidated by the Prior of Spain D. Antonio Calvo.
Many friends of the RCST attended and took the opportunity to implore the Saint for all the Brotherhoods and their families as well as for those who have abandoned us.
Nothing is more powerful than prayer.
Let Sao Teotonio protect us and our Mother the Virgin Mary watch over us.





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Last Sunday, January 15th, the Dutch priory of the RCST ushered a social gathering to celebrate the new year.

The event took place at the home of the Vice-Prior Olaf van Hees. Prior Machiel de Vries gave a short speech in which he looked forward to the new year. Highlights we can already look forward to are the Grand Chapter in Spain on May 6th and the investiture of new brothers and sisters on October 7th in The Hague.

Furthermore, De Vries announced the formation of a committee, which will consider the future of the RCST in the Netherlands. "Now the organization of our priory begins to take form" the prior said "it is important to start thinking about our long-term goals. What are our strengths, what do we need to work on, and what type of charity projects fit us and the way we work." A number of members have signed up for the committee, which will start soon.

Tom Versélewel de Witt Hamer attended as a special guest. Tom was until recently president of the Royal Dutch Society for Genealogy and Heraldry (KNGGW) and is currently working on his dissertation on Contemporary orders and chivalry in The Netherlands. It was therefore only logical that he should receive a copy of the book by Manuel Duchesne on our confraternity from the hands of the Dutch prior. De Vries expressed his hope that this book may be a valuable resource for the further investigation of De Witt Hamer. Of course, the final dissertation is eagerly awaited. It is expected to be completed over the course of 2017.

And of course there was opportunity to talk in a more informal manner while enjoying drinks and food.


Chevalier Di Floriano Graziano of the Priory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg informs us of the death of Father Belmiro Narino de Campos, chaplain of their Priory, who died during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday at the Eich clinic in Luxembourg. He was 86 years old.

Born November 27, 1930, he studied in Guarda, Portugal, before acquiring his titles in philosophy at the University of Rome.

His priesthood in the Grand Duchy began in 1978, where he headed the Portuguese Catholic Mission. Father Belmiro was the principal architect of the Santa Casa da Misericordia do Luxemburgo but also the religious advisor to the members of the Royal Confraternity of Saint Teotonio in Luxembourg.


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