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February 2009 - Tbilisi, Georgia - the Grand Prior delivering a donation from the Portuguese delegation and from the General Prior of the USA, to Father Gregory to help and support his children in the school at Ude.

At Basilica dos Martires, Lisbon - Decembre 2008

3 March 2007 - Presentation of donation by the General Prior of the RCST USA to Habitat for Humanity in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


2007 - Humanitarian trip to Horphant, Mexico


2007 - Humanitarian trip to Piedras, Mexico


2007 - Humanitarian trip to Piedras, Mexico

Joint Effort on Medical Aid Package

By Chevalier Guye Pennington, GCLR

On July 30th, a medical supply package (valued at approximately $14,000 U.S.) was prepared by a partnership of the Association and the Royal Confraternity of Saint Teotonio (under the patronage of H.R.H. Dom Miguel de Bragança, Duke of Viseu). This package, which consists of 25 electrocautery devices for surgery, an epidural anesthesia tray, three dual lumen central line catheters, 8 Hickman introducers, 35 vacutainers for blood draws, 36 IV peripheral line catheters with introducer needle (starter kit), eight low-temp disposable cautery devices for emergency room/clinic use, two surgical needle drivers for suturing, two large tissue forceps for suturing, 19 packages of suture (all grades), 25 surgical grade electrocautery devices for operating room use (boxed separately), three surgical staplers, three endocath introducers for laparoscopy, a roto-auto suture device, and eight large boxes of suture material including one box of gore-tex suture, has been donated by the Association and Royal Confraternity to assist the needs of the people of the Republic of Sao Tome y Principe. An additional shipment of humanitarian materials from this partnership will also be sent in the next few months, and we will report more at that time.
To this end, the Association is exceedingly grateful of the efforts of Chevalier Dr. Andrew J. Schoenfeld, GCLR, FICS, MD for his contributions and work in this endeavor.


2006 - Saint Tomé and Principe
The Grand Prior deliver to several schools supported by the Diocese 20 kilos of scholar material as pencils, pens, rubbers, colour pens, etc, ect.
The GP with Sister Augusta and her pupils’ in Angolares


Exercise Books to São Tomé e Príncipe - 2001

On a project of solidarity to the children’s supported by the Diocese and sponsored by the Town Hall of Ourique and by the Deputation of N. Srª da Tourega, the RCST have sent 2000 exercise books to the children’s of the Diocese of São Tomé e Príncipe.
In appreciation to this project, the Bishop D. Abilio Ribas have decorated both Presidents, Raul dos Santos and João Valverde with the Cross of São Tomé Apostle with Episcopal Blessings.

2000 – On a partnership with the Red Cross of Saint Tome and Principe the RCST have teach a First Assistance Cours