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Dear Friends! i would love to inform you, that today 21.06.19, on behalf of the Royal Confraternity of Saint Teotonio I have been in the Narva developing center "Matveyka", there I organised master-class of making the flower compositions. We talked with children about the art of floristics, about structures,colors and types of different flowers. I shared with children some technical secrets how to create flower arrangements. Instead of hot weather, children for 2 hours work on creating their own box-bouquets. Each flower-box turned out to be individual, although the starting set of flowers was the same for everyone! Every artist sees in his own way. The workshop was attended by 14 children and 5 adult volunteers.Adults actively help the children to make their work and managed to create their own compositions also. As a result, everyone was happy! In the end of our meeting, children come to the sweet table : lots of strawberries and delicios fresh marshmallows. I would like to thank children from Marveika developing center for their attention, good mood, avtive work and beautiful flower arrangements! Big thanks for adults for their help. Special thanks to Baron Ms. Andrew Gritskov for the support and organisation of the Master Class! Galina Chizhova - My teacher from Tallinna Erateeninduskool. My heartfelt thanks to you for the knowledge, advice and serious help in organizing the Master Class. "Matveyka" -you make our world kinder!





De izquierda a derecha D. Prudencio Cabrero Capellán General de España, el Sr. Obispo D. Manuel, la Directora de Proyecto Hombre Dña. Eloisa Velarde y el Prior de España D. Antonio Calvo

En la mañana de hoy miércoles 8 de noviembre, en el despacho del Sr. Obispo de Santander D. Manuel Sánchez Monge, el Prior de España D. Antonio Calvo acompañado del Capellán D. Prudencio Cabrero, han entregado a la Directora de Proyecto Hombre Dña. Eloisa Velarde la recaudación de la cena virtual organizada por la Real Cofradía de Sao Teotonio.
Los ingresos fueron directamente a la cuenta de Proyecto Hombre, pero con este acto se materializa el resultado.
Se han obtenido 1600 euros.
Queremos agradecer a todos los que generosamente habéis colaborado en tan maravilloso fin.
From left to right D. Prudencio Cabrero, General Chaplain of Spain, Mr. Obispo D. Manuel, Man Project Director Mrs. Eloisa Velarde and the Prior of Spain Mr. Antonio Calvo

On the morning of Wednesday, November 8, in the office of the Bishop of Santander, Mr. Manuel Sánchez Monge, the Prior of Spain, Mr. Antonio Calvo, accompanied by the Chaplain, Mr. Prudencio Cabrero, handed over the Project Director, Man Dña. Eloisa Velarde the collection of the virtual dinner organized by the Royal Brotherhood of Sao Teotonio.
The income went directly to the Proyecto Hombre account, but with this act the result is materialized.
They have obtained 1600 euros.
We want to thank all those who have generously collaborated in such a wonderful end.


Project Man

H.E. Most. Rev. Bishop of Santander, Manuel Sánchez Monge have asked our RCST to suport the Project Man.
We are asking to our Members to generosily join us on this very importante Projec MAN.
As we had anticipated in the previous communication, we already have at our disposal the account number of Project Man that its Director Eloisa Velarde has sent us.
From now we can make our income into your account directly as always.

The account number of the Bank of Santander is:

ES 38 0049 6742 5829 1620 5991

Please put your name and Real Cofradía de Sao Teotonio (RCST), to know that we have made the income.

Thank you very much for your generosity.


November 11, 2016 a member of the Royal Confraternity of St.Teotonio Elena Varik perform honorable mission on the transfer of a prize of 500 € from the Royal Confraternity to a 8-year-old girl Iblyaevoy Valentina with cerebral palsy. The prize will give a charitable foundation Gosha Kutsenko in the face of great Mila Solovieva, conducted the children's drawing competition "The World in Postcards". Supported in this action by the Prior of the Baltic States of the Royal Confraternity of St.Teotonio Andrew Gritskov and Honored Artist of Russia, professor Nikas Safronov. Under this project, Nikas Safronov spent with sick babies a master class, and a member of the Order Elena Varik was a member of the jury. The prize will go to Valentina, who won in the category "Magic" in the city of Voronezh, Russia.





Donationof 3.600€ to HOME EGALITÉ DES CHANCES (HEC) at Burundi. These funds will support the livelihoods of 12 orphans for the year to come.

Raymond Debelle, Prior of the Kingdom of Belgium, Count Ulisses Rolim, Grand Prior of our Royal Confraternity, the Knight Anselme Nyabenda, developer of the project for the benefit of HEC, and Marquis Manuel Duchesne, General Prior for Benelux .






On 30 April, under the sponsorship of the Royal Confraternity of Saint Teotonio, a 1.500€ donation have been delivered to HEATEGEVUSFOUND ARTALLIANCE MTÜ in Tallinn, Estonia,
The institution aims are, educational assistance, creative engagement and medical care for children with special needs.
This donation have been redirected to the Kadaka Elementary School for childrens with special needs, in Tallinn.


RCST Christmas activities for refugees - Priory of Belgium
The Fedasil center Elsenborn, a small village in eastern Belgium, welcomes 550 refugees who mainly fled Syria or Iraq.
On the occasion of Christmas, we wanted to show a brotherly spirit towards those who in spite of themselves were thrown on the roads of exile.
Applicants and friends who share our values, sometimes accompanied by their families responded to the call.
Desserts were made and / or provided for each refugee. Local solidarity also played as bakers have contributed to the effort and a biscuit offered a biscuit box for each child accommodated in the center.
The activity was completed by a magic show presented by the Reverend Father Philippe Thiry. Children's eyes lit up, and gradually as the Event, Adults complemented the ranks of spectators.
Sharing the taste was punctuated with many warm thanks refugees, stressing that a simple action but committed could the space of an afternoon offering a bit of sunshine, but there is more fun to give as receiving.



Dear Brothers in Sao Teotonio, as we advance we fallow the example of the Spanish Priory and start this virtual charity dinner in favor of Christians in the Holy Land.
The idea is to make a deposit directly into the bank account of the Franciscans in the Holy Land.
Being Christian in the Holy Land is difficult, very difficult, you need only to check on that area. The Franciscans, Custodians of the Holy Places do a great job with our brothers. Serving their faith, they build schools, hospitals.
An estimated 500 families leave the area every year, which can quickly run out without Christian Church. Thing we can not afford.
So I strongly sugest that you give/tranfer what you can and help us to facilitate their work please.
NAME: Custody of the Holy Land ACC. N 96008 646 BRANCH STREET No.1 AGRON
IBAN: IL 09 0176 4600 0000 1096 003
EVERY time someone does a bank transfer MUST INCLUDE NAME AND ADDRESS.
- AND SHOULD send copy of the bank tranfer document to the Grand Priory



Under the patronage of the Royal Confraternity of St. Teotonio on May 25, 2015, there was a charity concert in Tallinn (Estonia) in the Hopneri House. This wonderful charity event was organized by members of the RCST Jana Filonenko and Irena Pasnichenko. The soprano Maria Kondratieva was also performing at the concert, as well as the winner of the international contest of young singers Oliver Alasoo , children's collective group of "Pirates" and the young gymnasts from the club "Tip-Top", and student, Republican contest of pianists winner Alice Podrez. Concert was attended by the Grand Prior of the Royal Confraternity of Saint Teotónio Count Ulisses Rolim, and other members of the RCST: Joaquim Pereira Lopes, Mariana Lopes, Christos Gilomanakis, Paola, Andrei Gritskov, Olga Teterez, Jelena Varik, Galina Ostrovskaja, etc. Charity contributions during the concert where donated to Veterans of World War II. Money was spent for the hearing aid set for these people.

Bank Transfer

Donation of 250€ to the "Monastére Bénédictin de la Abbaye de Chevetogne", Belgium, June 2013

Donation to HOLY LAND ( Custodia di Terra Santa, RCST Bethlehem) in name of our Member Raymond Debelle

Donation to HOLY LAND ( Custodia di Terra Santa, RCST Bethlehem) in name of our Member Fernando Fernandez de La Cigona Cantero.

Conti Rolim and Dame Gabrielle Grace, conversing over the Students Exhibition, a certain European historical research, undertaking by the 8 grade students under the direction of the Museum.

1. HIH Prince Ermais Selassie, authorizing the commencement of the 12 sculptures of the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel to be created by Marquis Daniel Vella.

1. Dame Gabrielle Grace recipient of the Order of Haile Selassie I.
2. All future projects generated by the Museum for the benefit of the Ethiopian Crown Council, shall receive full participation by Dame Gabrielle Grace.

1. Marquis Vella implementing his art as tradition to generate Philanthropy.
2. One collection of 25 limited edition of the (Ethiopian Supreme depiction) was generated and signed by the artist, the Grand Prior and HIH Prince Ermias Selassie.
3. Persons interested in obtaining few remaining prints, please contact

1. Marquis Daniel Vella, at his Vermont studio creating the Imperial Banner of (Ethiopia Supreme from a depiction of 1668 AD)
2. This banner was unveiled by his Imperial Highness Prince Ermias.

1. Marques Daniel Vella of Malta, commencing with a new project of sculpturing the 12 lost Tribes of Israel, under the patrimony of HIH Princess Saba.

1. Count Ulisses Rolim, personally invited Marquis Daniel Vella di Casalvecchio, to attend to the event and unveiled few of his sculptures .
2. These medieval Church symbols of the Saints and arms of the leaders of the crusades, shall become part of the exterior of the Museum, a building dedicated to the preservation and Nobel causes of chivalry.

The RCST Delegation of Bosnia & Herzegowina in Sarajevo organised
the annual RCST Saint Nicholas Charity Dinner in 2012.
Distinguished guest were the NATO-General, University Professors, Regisseurs, Entrepreneurs, hosting Nobility, etc.
A sum of more than BAM 1.000,-- was raised on the evening and will be donated to the Orphanage of Pazaric.



Donation to HOLY LAND (Custodia di Terra Santa RCST Bethlehem) from two Members of the USA General Priory.

Donation to HOLY LAND (Custodia di Terra Santa, RCST Bethlehem) in name of one of our Members that prefer to stay anonymous.


Le Prieuré Général du Benelux était très heureux d’une fois encore, pouvoir aider des enfants dans le besoin.
En effet, c’est l’association“Les semeurs de joie”, “The Joy-sowers” qui a été retenue par le Prieuré du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, pays organisateur des investitures 2012 de la Confraternité Royale de Saint Téotonio.
Don total de € 2.000.
Tout au long de cette année, les membres se sont investit sans relâche, afin de pouvoir concrétiser cet objectif caritatif.


The Royal Confraternity of Saint Teotonio comes to help the patients suffering from psoriasis on the World Psoriasis Day
A day when our glance is cast on the hidden marks
Press release
                                          Budapest, 28th October,  2011
More than 400 thousand people - including many children - are suffering from the skin condition called psoriasis in Hungary. The disease causes burning and inflammatory skin irritation and due to the visible marks the patients often feel the sense of shame which makes their integration into the society difficult. Many of them do not know that the disease’s symptoms can well be treated and considerably alleviated with proper and regular skin care.  

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View larger View larger View larger View larger Budapest, 28th October, 2011
Budapest, 28th October, 2011 Budapest, 28th October, 2011 Budapest, 28th October, 2011 Budapest, 28th October, 2011 Budapest, 28th October, 2011




SUPORTING HOLY LAND Clique para ler carta


Cancer bucal

On March 2010 the RCST have supported the Campaign against Oral Cancer hosted by the Brazilian Association of Cirurgiões Dentistas.


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To Support and help to the Minor Friars in Bethelhem to support education of Christian children’s and fortifying position of Christian Faith and community of the Church in the Holy Land, with best wishes of a Blessed Christmas, our RCST as send a donation of 1000 € as Christmas gift to Holy Land.
May our Lord Jesus find a heart full of love and peace in the bosom of these children.



Last 20th February in Lisbon, during the Gala Diner Presided by H.I.H. Princess Nilufer Sultana of Turkey, 800€ have been raised to support the Franciscan Community Custody of the Grot of Nativity in Bethlehem, Holy Land, to help the poor children’s supported by  this community.

The Delegation of the Kingdom of Belgium of the Royal Confraternity of St. Teotonio financially supported the action of a Belgian priest to enroll and give religious education to children of Guatemala.


Holy Mass and Charity Gala Dinner of the Dutch and German Priory of the Royal Confraternity for the childrens' hospice "Königskinder" in personal presence of the founder and managing directors Anna Pein and Irmgard Okoye.

Founder & managing director Anna Pain presents the idea and work of the childrens' hospice.

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